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Is your PC running slow?

Download and run PC3e today - our software offers the benefit of scanning and cleaning your PC from unusable files, folders, processes etc. 100% Guarantee

Boost your PC Performance Now!
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Quick Tips

Steps to clean your pc & make it faster
  1. Close all open programs
  2. Run the Auto Cleanup feature from the Left Sidebar in PC3e
  3. Perform a Defragmentation on your Hard drive. (Defragmentation can take a couple of hours to complete. It is suggested to leave overnight to run.)


Any PC has two types of Memory: Hard Disk and RAM.
The suggested amounts of RAM are:

If you see that the Memory indicator in the Information tab is on the Red mark and you have less than the amounts stated above then we suggest to upgrade your PC to better RAM which will increase the performance

Hard disk space on the other hand differs from user to user. Ideally the system should have around 10% free on each hard disk to have good read write speeds.

Service Packs

Service Packs (SP) are updates from Microsoft for the Microsoft Products. They are released by Microsoft and it is important that they are installed. Usually they contain fixes, improvements and security enhancements to the OS. This is why it is highly important to have the latest SP installed.

The service packs available are:

PC3e lists what service pack you have installed in the Information Tab.