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Optimize Windows XP

Windows XP has a rich user interface with menus that slide into view, shadows that create three-dimensional effects, and rounded corners that soften the appearance of windows. If you have an older computer, these visual effects may noticeably slow down its performance. For example, dialog boxes and menus might not open smoothly. To help improve the performance of your computer, you can disable some or all visual effects. When you disable visual effects, you change only the graphical elements on your desktop; you can still do everything you've always done with your computer-only faster.

How to disable specific visual effects

To control which visual effects Windows XP uses

My Computer menu with Properties selected

The System Properties dialog box appears. Click the Advanced tab. In the Performance area, click Settings.

Advanced tab in System Properties dialog box

The Performance Options dialog box appears. On the Visual Effects tab, select the Custom option.

Visual Effects tab in Performance Options dialog box with Custom option selected

Clear the check boxes for the visual effects you want to disable.

Visual Effects tab with custom check boxes being cleared

Click OK.

Visual Effects tab with no custom check boxes selected and pointer on OK button

You are returned to the System Properties dialog box. Click OK.

System Properties dialog box with pointer on OK button