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Is your PC running slow?

Download and run PC3e today - our software offers the benefit of scanning and cleaning your PC from unusable files, folders, processes etc. 100% Guarantee

Boost your PC Performance Now!
Our ideas, your solution.


PC3e is simple to use and does the job very quickly. PC3e has been around for almost 10 years and has analyzed millions of machines to come up with the best cleaning methodolgy possible, ensuring that you do not delete any necessary files, yet your system is clean and faster.

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Supports all major web browsers including:

PC3e can clean your internet history and internet cache, removing any traces of your internet surfing and what websites you have visited.

View our 5 Steps for a Faster Computer. For legacy Windows XP users please follow this guide Optimize Windows XP. You can view here a 3rd party review.


PC3e does not only increase your PC speed but it also cleans your PC. Programs leave a number of temporary files scattered around the hard disk. Such files have sensitive information inside of them. This includes your interent history, documents you work on, videos you watch and so on. With PC3e you can be sure that most of these files are deleted, thus protecting your privacy.